terry lige emotional intelligence


Emotional Intelligence has become a common phrase at the center of what people want to achieve in personal development. So, what is Emotional Intelligence?

To exercise emotional intelligence you must have an ability to identify your emotions as they are happening, understand why they are happening and then either support the positive, healthy emotions or manage the painful, unhealthy emotions. Once you have achieved some success at identifying and managing your own emotions you will be better equipped to identify and manage others emotions. These skills are crucial for building healthy relationships both personally and professionally.

Emotional intelligence is what sets a person apart as a leader in communication and relationship.

This program will make you much more aware of the central importance of your emotions, how you can utilize them to connect to others in a healthy, meaningful way and how they will lead you into more meaning and fulfillment into your life.

Workshop Format

The Emotional Intelligence Workshop is a dynamic two and a half day interactive experience. It begins 7:00pm Friday evening and runs until Sunday at approximately 5:00pm. Participants interact in large and small group exercises, transforming personal information into life changing personal breakthroughs.

The registration fee is $450 + GST

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