Awaken the Brilliance Within

The Connections program is an awakening. It is your opportunity to awaken the powerful truth about you; that you can set aside your personal limitations and release the brilliant, authentic you.

Life Changing Questions

The Connections program will provide you with essential questions that will set you on the path to discovering your personal freedom, your personal power and your purpose in life.

BE committed to DO what it takes to HAVE what you want.

  • What is that change you want?
  • What is the commitment you must make to you to have what you want?
  • What will you do differently to have what you want?

The process of personal change begins with addressing these questions with a deep commitment to personal honesty.

Bridges to Your Breakthrough

The Connections program highlights the use of extraordinary behaviors that trigger extraordinary breakthroughs. These are called “behavioral bridges.”

As you choose a bridge like, honesty, vulnerability, forgiveness, self trust, determination, acceptance and love, to name a few; an irresistible momentum is created and breakthroughs occur. Participants often refer to these breakthroughs as personal miracles.

Come and experience your own personal miracle.

Workshop Format

The Connections Personal Development Workshop is a dynamic two and a half day interactive experience. It begins 7:00pm Friday evening and runs until Sunday at approximately 4:00pm. Participants interact in large and small group exercises, transforming personal information into life changing personal breakthroughs.

A follow up sessions is also included to keep you connected and support you on your new path.  Join us for this dynamic and interactive workshop that many participants have called life-changing.

Registration fee is $395.00+ GST

Participate in our Connections Workshop:

Kelowna, BC:
Please call the office at 778-753-6615 for availability.

Calgary, AB:
Please call the office at 778-753-6615 for availability.

Connections is a

The key to generating lasting, dynamic change comes when valuable information is transformed into personal experience.

Our workshops are the ultimate opportunity to do it differently and discover how the behavioral bridges create personal miracles for you.