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Pursued By Love

With just one week to go until Christine and I are beginning our second Couples Connections program, I am drawn to the most difficult question of all. Why are we so captivated with the idea of relationship? In a word; it is love. So; what is this love? The word has been defined as an emotional

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Commitment and Determination

When I run Couples Connections or work with couples during Couples Mentoring sessions, I am aware of couples who have desperately struggled with their relationships. As a counselor and facilitator of relationship workshops I am sobered by this knowledge and concerned about how to help. Rescue the Struggling Relationship I understand clearly that there are good reasons

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Building Healthy Relationships

In my many years of leading personal development workshops, people often attend because they are looking for answers about how to develop healthy, lasting relationships. It is obviously an important issue because we as a society struggle to accomplish those healthy, lasting relationships. Our divorce rates are higher now than ever and our attempts at

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