• terry lige definitions of love

    A Definition of Love

    Well, the day has arrived. This week was Valentine’s Day. Last week I wrote about the different definitions we can derive from a study of the four words for love in the Ancient Greek language…agape, eros, philia and storge. In this week’s article I want to come up with what I have found to be (…) Read More

  • terry lige definition of love

    Definitions of Love – Foundations

    As we all know, February is the month of love. Valentine Day is quickly approaching and it draws our attention to this profound, miraculous force in our lives. I identify love as one of those behavioral bridges that has the power to generate extraordinary personal change.  My challenge with the word ‘love’ is that we (…) Read More

  • terry lige no conincidences

    No Coincidences

    One of the real drawing cards for an Inside Out program is the possibility for experiencing a magical, even miraculous breakthrough moment for participants as well as for those who are assisting on a leadership team. I have heard over the years, many of the team leaders say, ‘I show up for the miracles.’ It’s (…) Read More

  • terry lige importance of crying

    The Importance of Crying

    Recently I introduced myself to a group of people as a motivational teacher.  I qualified this by saying that there is a difference between motivational teachers and motivational speakers.  Motivational speakers inspire people to reach their potential through the use of anecdotes and humor.  Motivational teachers help people to understand why they do what they (…) Read More

  • terry lige hockey failure success

    Fear of Failure; Why?

    In last week’s blog, I talked about how failure is valuable to me. I concluded that failure teaches me how to succeed. My success is really determined by my willingness to look at every failure and make a conscious effort to learn from the mistakes I have made. This requires of me the willingness to (…) Read More

  • terry lige michael jordan

    Failure; The Reason I Succeed

    Last week in my first blog article of the year I mentioned that at the beginning of every year connectors often choose a word that will serve as inspiration and direction for the upcoming year. These words are usually very positive words like faith, courage, peace, change, passion, learning, etc. For whatever reason, the word (…) Read More

  • terry lige intimacy


    We have just completed our first Game Changers Men’s Program this past Tuesday. I think all the men would agree that it has been an eye opening, heart opening experience for all of us. The topic this last session we worked on was on intimacy. It is not a topic that is often talked about (…) Read More

  • terry lige intuition

    The Power of Intuition

    This past weekend at Connections I was once again reminded of the power of intuition. When I choose to trust my intuition and act on how it is guiding me it will often generate a breakthrough moment for a participant. These intuitive moments also build trust and belief in the possibility of breakthroughs for others. (…) Read More

  • terry lige leap of faith neo matrix

    Taking Leaps of Faith

    In last week’s blog I reflected on all the changes that have taken place in the past year and how those changes are refocusing me on what my values are and how necessary it is for me to recommit to living those values. I also talked about how running programs out of our home provided (…) Read More