• My Stoop: The Getting Away with Something Payoff

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    I am in the process of preparing for our EGO program this weekend and reflecting on some of the content. I am always interested in looking at my Stoop. My Stoop shows up when it gets fed up with my Imposters. We all develop imposters for the sake of acceptance and approval from people. They (…) Read More

  • terry lige ego let it go

    Let It Go

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    I have just concluded the EGO weekend and one of the important teachings in EGO is all about the importance of letting go. The question is, what do I need to let go of? In a word it is ‘control.’  I am holding on to some deep need to make perfect sense of every question (…) Read More

  • terry lige ego self sabotage

    Unhealthy EGO: The Self Sabotage Cycle

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    In my first EGO article I talked about that fact that our consciousness of self can be healthy or it can be unhealthy. In this article I want to discuss how our unhealthy ego operates. There is a self sabotage cycle that operates in each of us. Change always begins from the place of self (…) Read More

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    Embracing Your Personal Value

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    Over the past number of years I have run a weekend program simply called, “EGO”. I especially enjoyed leading these weekends as I was personally challenged and enlightened by the topic. One of the reasons that I was drawn to this topic is because I have been accused on occasion of being egotistical. When I (…) Read More