about terry lige inside out leadership

Hi; I am Terry Lige. I am the founder of Inside Out Leadership Development Group. I have been a coach, counselor and facilitator now for over 35 years. I am best known for running personal and professional workshops for the past 20 years and now often facilitate programs with my partner, Christine. These programs are 3-5 days in length and utilize a dynamic, interactive teaching model to assist people in creating the changes they are looking for.

If I was to identify who I am and what I am all about, I would say that I am a change facilitator.

I help people to increase their self awareness so they gain a clearer understanding of the change they want. Once a person gains this kind of self awareness and clarity, I help them to develop their strategy on how to create the changes they want.

My ultimate desire is to help every person to feel more comfortable in their own skin and experience the personal freedom to be their true authentic selves. Once an individual experiences this kind of personal freedom, they will discover their personal power and realize much more of their potential.

I take great joy at watching individuals break through their limitations to live with confidence and passion.

Since the company’s inception in beautiful Kelowna, BC in 1997, I have created a number of programs that have been for personal and professional development. It’s been my privilege to guide thousands of participants through my programs and see their lives changed forever.

Personal Development Workshops

Our workshops are three to five days in length and utilize “Experiential Learning” as the educational vehicle. Experiential learning uses exercises, processes and games to maximize a person’s learning opportunity. It creates a dynamic environment to learn and grow.

Corporate Workshops

I work with companies and organizations to develop people-centered work environments by addressing every person’s need for meaning and satisfaction. This is accomplished by developing in each person the self-awareness necessary to make healthy decisions inside the workplace and outside the workplace.

Coaching and Counseling

I have developed a unique approach to coaching called, “Conversational Coaching.” This approach provides the client with an ongoing almost daily conversation that keeps that client on track with the important changes required in their lives and relationships.

Background and Education

My background and education includes a Masters of Divinity (Major in Counseling) from Regent College in 1988.  I worked as lead and associate pastor in five churches before deciding to pursue personal and professional development.  My choice to leave the church to develop retreats and workshops was based on my desire to help build healthy communities that include all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.  My approach is respectful of the vast cross-section of people who attend my programs, and I appreciate the diversity of multicultural and multi-faith populations.

I have a vision to help build healthy communities of people who want to LIVE LIFE in an experience of acceptance, authenticity and wholeness.  With the help of many who share this vision my work with Inside Out Leadership Development Group contributes to the evolution of a bigger dream for our global community.

My Partner – Christine Mills, Financial Coach

Christine Mills has operated as a bookkeeper for small business entrepreneurs for the past twenty seven years as well as worked for twelve years as a financial controller for larger organizations in the Health Care sector.

For the past twelve years Christine has been an avid student of personal development and for the past four years has been in relationship with me, attending all the programs offered by Inside Out. Christine and I now combine our experience and talents to help individuals and couples obtain personal and professional success and well being. So, that end, Christine is offering her expertise as a financial coach to those who desire her help, and, Christine and I are offering financial counseling for those couples that need assistance with that all important issue in relationship.

On the technical side, she is proficient in all financial and accounting functions. What sets her apart as a bookkeeper and financial controller is her ability to interpret and understand financial statements. She sifts through the numbers paying close attention to how her clients can reduce overhead, maximize profits and become more financially successful. Christine’s desire to help her clients become financially successful makes her more than just a bookkeeper; it makes her an effective consultant.

Christine also brings some well developed human interaction skills to her clients. She has worked as an Office Manager, Service Manger and Office Administrator, which has provided her the opportunity to develop people management skills. While she has been a bookkeeper and controller, these skills have not been a part of her job description; however she is often a target for employees seeking support, encouragement, advice and an empathetic ear. She has led meetings, provided guidance and mediated awkward workplace situations to help avoid personal and professional crisis in the workplace.

Christine’s background in helping corporate clients make sense of their numbers has provided her with the necessary experience to help individuals and couples with their personal finances. Individuals and couples often lack an understanding of their finances, which creates a fear of dealing with those finances. That fear often leads to avoiding looking at their financial situation, which in turn creates a great deal of anxiety and stress. Financial issues are one of the top three issues that lead to the breakdown of relationships.

Christine’s desire is to help individuals and couples to overcome the anxiety and stress associated with finances. Her ability to simplify what many people find complicated about their numbers will alleviate much of the stress and ultimately provide a strategy to move forward in a healthy successful way.

Christine brings a unique set of technical financial skills along with human interaction skills that combine to make her an effective Financial Coach.