Deeper Connections Workshop

Expand on what you learned and experienced at our Connections Workshop

Connections provided you with the self awareness and behavioral bridges necessary to create a personal breakthrough. Deeper Connections builds on the momentum achieved at Connections and gives you the insight and inspiration to transform personal limitations into personal opportunities.

At our Deeper Connections workshop you will learn how to:

  • Transform your shadow self into your sacred self. As you accept and embrace the shadow self as your teacher and not your enemy, your sacred self will experience greater freedom to express the light and brilliance in you.
  • Transform your personal crisis into your personal opportunity. You will discover in Deeper Connections that there is no such thing as personal crisis, only personal opportunities to transform every event in your life into a personal education.
  • Transform self consciousness into self confidence. The decisions you make are often driven by either fear or faith. Deeper Connections will build the kind of belief in self that overcomes fear based decision making.

Deeper Connections is deeper. It will provide you with a deeper understanding and awareness of yourself so that you will continue to grab hold of your courage to build your confidence and breakthrough your personal barriers daily.

It has been said that Connections is the appetizer and Deeper is the entree in your personal development journey. Deeper is a crucial follow up to the Connections experience.


“This retreat helped me open up to my potential and set me free to pursue my God-given purpose.”
– LaShawn Laidlaw – Student

“This is an incredible journey to further connect you to yourself, your life and others – a real gift to yourself and ultimately everyone you meet.”
– Barry Robbins – Truck Driver

“More than what I expected.  I went deep into my heart and found what I had lost.  It gave me the courage to live my life fully again.”
– Mike Mitchell – Businessman


The Deeper Connections Personal Development Workshop is a two and a half day program. It begins Friday evening and then runs all day Saturday before ending at 4:00 pm on Sunday. Experience breakthroughs and get a clear understanding on how to sustain those breakthroughs.

Important: Participants must complete Connections workshop before attending Deeper Connections.

Registration Fee is $550 plus GST


Location: Kelowna, BC

2024 Dates for our workshops will be announced soon
To be added to the pre-registration waitlist, call us at 778-753-6615 or send us a message through our contact form

Discover your Light and Brilliance at Deeper Connections

Gain a deeper understanding and awareness to build your confidence and break through your personal barriers.

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