terry lige conversational coaching

Conversational Breakthrough Coaching

I have developed a program called conversational breakthrough coaching”; a program that offers a coaching opportunity that far exceeds conventional coaching programs.

When you participate in this one-on-one program we initiate a running conversation that allows you to check in with me every two to three days by email or by texting. The program also includes ten one-hour sessions in person, by phone or by Skype. During the ongoing conversation I will provide homework questions, pass along words of encouragement and inspiration and answer any questions that come up for you.

The value of this kind of approach is that it really keeps the work fresh and immediate and provides almost daily accountability for integrating the lessons into your daily life. This approach also allows me to get to know you and build a relationship that models open, honest, meaningful relationship.

Here are some of the topics you may want to work on:

  • Addressing daily emotional issues, such as dealing with stress, overcoming anxiety, renewing your passion for life and finding personal peace.
  • Focusing on career related issues, such as developing a clear sense of purpose, learning how to motivate yourself and others and becoming the confident leader that you have always wanted to be.
  • Investigating relationship issues, such as understanding how you sabotage what you want in relationship, learning how to communicate in your partner’s language and creating a safe, vulnerable relationship where intimacy is possible.

Most importantly you will build the kind of self awareness that is crucial for making the healthiest, wisest choices you can make in every area of your life.

There will be special attention given concerning your self-acceptance and self respect. They are essential for personal freedom and personal empowerment. And at the end of this conversation I want you to feel that you are fully free to be you and fully empowered to do what only you can do.

Join me for a conversation that will change your life,