terry lige inside out testimonials

How Lives of Participants have Changed

Andy Zubot

Daily I gain more freedom to live and breathe my life more fully. I am motivated to be the best leader I can be in my sports, family and social life and i continue to gain the confidence and personal peace revealed in me through these programs at Inside Out. I am forever grateful!

Michael Jobke
Connections 2016 Workshop Graduate

Until I did the Connections workshop I was searching for answers to the following questions:
“Who am I?”
“What’s driving/motivating me?”
“Why are my relationships less than satisfying”

By attending the Connections Workshop and through the encouragement of Terry Lige I have developed a significant amount of clarity around these questions and I now feel better about myself and my purpose in life.  The teachings have inspired me to continue on my personal journey to find my truth and be the best person, father, friend and partner that I can be.  I would encourage anyone who has a strong desire to find their personal truth and live a life of passion to enroll in the programs offered by Inside Out Canada.  Making the decision to enroll in theses programs could change your life.

Kerry Zubot

I have participated in Terry Lige’s Inside Out programs over the last 8 years. I have received many nuggets of wisdom on how to live a life using your mind and heart. I have heard Terry’s programs called the University of the Heart, and living this way has been my biggest difference maker. I have acquired many great tools to use dealing with shadow talk , fear, addiction, quilt, shame, envy,  jealousy and a lot more. Learning about Vulnerability and honesty has helped my marriage, family and friendships blossom and are a lot healthier.

Thank you, Terry Lige for you sharing your gifts of wisdom and heart, which is an awesome combination.  Your saying, ‘Trust the process’ has helped me dive into living an exceptional life, made me more aware of my calling, and having a faith over fear life. I am more connected to my relationships and community. These programs are far more valuable than money by miles.

Bryce Elliot

The Connections program came very highly recommended to me by my family friend and former Grade 1 teacher. I had no clue what to expect from the program but I did know I wanted to continue to improve my health and find more inner peace. I was blown away by what I experienced spiritually and emotionally in a weekend. Connections provided me with emotional knowledge to start understanding myself in ways that I had never been able to do on my own. By following the activities that Terry Lige took us through I was able to wake up to changes that I needed to make in my life. During the weekend I met other people from the community and formed genuine friendships in the short time we had known each other.  The authentic people I met and connected with during the experience kept me coming back to continue all the programs with Inside Out. I will always remember taking the Connections program as a defining moment in my young adult life.