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We have just completed our first Game Changers Men’s Program this past Tuesday. I think all the men would agree that it has been an eye opening, heart opening experience for all of us. The topic this last session we worked on was on intimacy. It is not a topic that is often talked about …

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Vulnerability: Why?

We are now on our third week of the Game Changers Men’s Program and we are looking at the importance of vulnerability to the heart driven man. So, the question for both men and women is why would I choose to be a vulnerable person? If I look at some of the definitions concerning vulnerability, …

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A Letter to the Men

This letter was initially sent out to a group of men that I have worked with in the past and who I thought would really benefit from attending my Heart Driven Men’s Program. However, I believe this is such an important program that I am sending it out on my blog so that both men …

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The Heart Driven Man

The Heart Driven Man Ok, so here’s the challenge as I consider running a Men’s Program. How do I approach this very comprehensive topic of men and their hearts? In my last blog article I discussed some of the stereotypes that men have to overcome to become more heart driven and I also identified some …

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