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Terry Lige and his personal development workshops specialize in Personal Breakthrough Training. For you to achieve the change you want, there needs to be a shift or turning point in your thoughts and feelings. This is especially true about how you think and feel about you. When this almost magical breakthrough moment occurs it transforms unhealthy choices and behaviors into ones that are healthy and empowering.

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How do our Transformational Personal Development Workshops Work?

1. Create a Breakthrough; Gather Information
An important part of your workshop experience requires you to gather information about you and your story. It is what will provide you with a foundation for self awareness. As you consistently check in on your thoughts, emotions and actions, you begin to see clearly what is working for you and what is not.

2. Experience a Breakthrough; Build Momentum
As you participate in workshop exercises, the information you gather becomes personal and alive. Experience draws out feelings and feelings ultimately require a choice from you. Fear drives avoidance while courage and self confidence drives participation. Participation builds momentum until your tipping point arrives and you choose a behavior that is new and empowering. A choice to think differently, to feel differently and to do it differently is at the heart of your workshop experience.

3. Sustain a Breakthrough; New Habits, New Routines
You will be provided the opportunity to make the choice to do it differently and to reinforce that choice over and over again. Once you discover the behaviors that will build your confidence and create the changes you are looking for, it is about consistently reinforcing those behaviors until you secure the healthy life style you want.

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