• Terry Lige Right Brain

    Overcoming Self Judgment; A Truth Plan

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    It was brought to my attention once again this week that we often use Facebook to project to the world an image of ourselves that we think will be admired and affirmed. Unfortunately it is not always a very accurate portrayal of our lives. At times I see individuals post how wonderful their lives and (…) Read More

  • terry lige birthday

    Happy Birthday to Me

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    Ok, so here is an article I have never written before; an article acknowledging my birthday. I have been one of those people who would rather skate through this time of year ignoring that I am getting older and not wanting people to make a fuss about my birthday. Today, as Christine, Minnie and I (…) Read More

  • terry lige healthy choices

    Character Choices: Making Healthier Choices

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    Do you ever consider how many choices you make in a day…hundreds, possibly thousands? Some of those choices we make strictly out of habit or necessity but many of them are made because of how they make us feel. In other words, I do not make a choice unless there is some kind of emotional (…) Read More

  • terry lige 2019

    What Do You Need?

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    Happy New Year everyone! This is my first blog article of 2019. It is hard to believe that another year is under way. Not sure about you, but I find it difficult to step right back into the routine of work and function at full speed. I feel like an old tractor that has been (…) Read More

  • terry lige cousin

    The Importance of Memories

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    As most of you are aware, I have been using my blog articles to do some reminiscing over the past month. The Christmas season is a time that takes me back to some of the wonderful memories I have of my childhood and those magical moments I shared with my family. I have especially been (…) Read More

  • My Stoop: The Getting Away with Something Payoff

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    I am in the process of preparing for our EGO program this weekend and reflecting on some of the content. I am always interested in looking at my Stoop. My Stoop shows up when it gets fed up with my Imposters. We all develop imposters for the sake of acceptance and approval from people. They (…) Read More

  • terry lige father son

    In Remembrance

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    As you all know we have just commemorated Remembrance Day. It is an opportunity to reflect on those men and women that fought for our freedom in past wars. I noticed on Facebook that my motivational message was the statement, ‘I remember who my people are; I do not take them for granted.’ In keeping (…) Read More

  • terry lige connections bali

    The Value of Testimonials

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    As I am writing this blog article I am aware that we are just a day away from running another Connections Program. There is always a sense of excitement and trepidation about what will happen in the coming weekend. I have been running Connections now for twenty one years and I do not believe that (…) Read More