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The Heart Driven Man

Calling all men!

In the past twenty years of running the Connections Program, I have declared on a number of occasions, with full conviction, “yes, men do have hearts.”

The challenge for us men is in how to use those hearts in the most effective, healthiest way. We are often judged as the objective, head driven sex with little skill at dealing with the more subjective, heart driven women of our world.

Well, it is time to offer this program and this opportunity to investigate men’s heart issues and build on the skills that will make us men more effective in our ability to connect, engage and communicate wholeheartedly.

This program creates a conversation with men that we will have over a nine week period.

Here are the topics I think worthy of this discussion:

1. Men’s Issue with the F Word

Are men afraid of Feelings?

Often, men see a show of emotions as resulting in hotly impassioned, wildly unstable behavior. Feelings are difficult to deal with objectively.

2. Men; Time to Trust Your Heart – Lessons in Vulnerability

Trust your heart

Believe in your wisdom

Act on your intuition

3. The Language of the Heart

Learning an Emotional Vocabulary

Feelings are identified by one word, IE Angry, sad, afraid. Men often identify their feelings by describing them. IE That feels like it’s not going to work as opposed to, I’m feeling overwhelmed, incompetent and helpless. 

4. The Game Changer: Listening

Women want to be heard.

5. Avoiding the Cave

Addressing the man’s habit to Shutdown and Withdraw into their head

Men like to work on their own, and exercise their abilities by solving problems quickly and singlehandedly;

6. Men’s Acceptable Emotion – Anger

The Action Hero is “strong, but not necessarily silent. He is often angry. Above all, he is aggressive in the extreme and, increasingly over the past several decades, he engages in violent behavior.”

7. Intimacy is about more than having Sex.

Connection and engagement is all about “in to me see.”

This requires an insight into what a woman wants and needs emotionally.

8. The Shining Knight Issue; The focus on Doing more than on Being

Focus on solving problems and fixing things.

Focus on being successful financially.

The Big Shot is defined by his professional status. He is the “epitome of success, embodying the characteristics and acquiring the possessions that society deems valuable.” This stereotype suggests that a real man must be economically powerful and socially successful.

9. Male Ego Control Strategies

Justification and Explanation

Playing the I’m Right Game


Registration Fee

Registration is open to men only.

$495.00 + GST (9 live sessions)

Additional Coaching for the Nine Weeks – $295.00 + GST

There will be four half hour one-on-one online coaching sessions offered approximately every two weeks (to be scheduled during the duration of of the group program).  The value in these sessions will be in looking at effective ways of integrating the lessons into your daily experience.

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