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The “In the Zone Life”

One of the most empowering experiences sought after is identified by phrases such as;

‘Living in the zone, getting into the flow or finding the sweet spot.’

These phrases identify that experience when you achieve a state of consciousness where your concentration and focus is so acute you lose awareness of all peripheral activity and you are able to perform at the peak of your potential. In that state you feel excited and energized and you are able to achieve some quite remarkable outcomes. It is this state that we have all experienced briefly but want more and more of.

Exceptional Life is the program that teaches you how to find your sweet spot, get more into your flow and live in the zone as a lifestyle.

Exceptional Life is your opportunity to move from personally limiting self consciousness to your universal consciousness where your personal potential and power will be released. The process is an exercise in transcendence where you shift between your left brain safety and control into right brain intuition and creativity where peace, contentment and flow are experienced.

So, here is the important learning you will take away from this program.

You will;

  • Overcome your self-consciousness to experience universal consciousness.
  • Learn to connect to your deeper self and your extraordinary potential.
  • Learn how to identify your sweet spot and live in your flow.
  • Discover the factors that support your flow.
  • Connect with others in a deeper more meaningful way.
  • Embrace your personal brilliance and build your leadership confidence.
  • Learn to listen with a purpose and speak with passion and conviction.

Workshop Format

The Exceptional Life Personal Development Workshop is a dynamic two and a half day interactive experience. It begins 7:00pm Friday evening and runs until Sunday at approximately 4:00pm. Participants interact in large and small group exercises, transforming personal information into life changing personal breakthroughs.

Important: Participants must complete the Connections and Deeper workshops before attending the Exceptional Life workshop.

The registration fee for this program is $450.00 plus GST

Participate in our Exceptional Life Workshop:

Please call the office at 778-753-6615 for availability.