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The Question that Drives You

I was reminded this week that every January Connectors choose a word as their theme for the next year. These words are very positive, affirming words of the outcomes they want to create in the coming year. Some of the words that I have considered in the past few years include; breakthroughs, momentum, love, gratitude and faith. Identifying a theme word is an effective way of checking in every few weeks to see if you are creating the outcomes you want and if not, what you need to do to reflect, recommit and then reengage.

I would like to provide you with another opportunity to develop clarity and direction for this New Year. I want you to consider the question that drives you.

As some of you are very well aware, one of my all time favorite movies is, “The Matrix.” If you don’t know why, you will have to attend “The Calling” to find out, which, I am happy to announce is being offered this year. (Aug. 10-12). There is a crucial moment at the beginning of the movie when the heroine, ‘Trinity,’ says to our hero, ‘Neo,’ “It’s the question that drives us Neo…the answer is out there… It’s looking for you and it will find you if you let it.”

My whole life I have felt like destiny has been pursuing me. I grew up listening to my father talk about me as the miracle baby; how by God’s miraculous intervention I survived an ailment at three months of age that only one of every 100 babies survived. When I listened to my dad talk about me in this way I felt special. I felt like I had been spared to carry out a significant, unique purpose. I had no idea what that unique purpose was; however, the question, ‘how will I pass on the miracle?’ has driven me my entire life. And it continues to drive me.

There is a destiny pursuing each of you, and it will find you if you let it. Some of you have stepped into that destiny and are applying yourself to it daily. Some of you have experienced a glimpse of it and are passionately seeking more understanding and a greater opportunity to live your destiny. Some of you are frustrated concerning your destiny because you want to know what it is but feel lost and confused.

Regardless of where you are in relationship to your destiny, your realization of it begins with and continues with the question that drives you. What is that question?

As I look back on my life there have been many important questions that set me on the right path to my destiny. It is important not to get stuck thinking there is just one quintessential question that will guide you to your answer. What is the question that is before you right now? Ask yourself, ‘Does this question attract answers to me or does it keep me stuck in confusion and frustration?’

Here’s a clue. Be careful not to get stuck on the “Why,” questions. Why did this happen to me. Focus on “What,” questions. What are my values? What would bring me a sense of meaning? What am I passionate about? What do I need to do differently to create a different result? Why questions can keep us stuck in victim mode, whereas what questions move us to action.

I would encourage you to send me the question that has the potential to change your life this year. I look forward to hearing from you.


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