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Magic Moments

I had the joy of sharing one of those magical moments this past week that rarely happens in the game of golf. I am talking about a hole in one and no, it was not my hole in one. I have yet to experience that for myself but am still holding out hope that it will happen one day soon. The hole in one that I witnessed was accomplished by my friend Clint Best. And yes, it was truly the “Best” moment of the day.

The Possibility of Magic

Once we completed the round of golf, I reflected on the unique event we shared together and concluded there were some lessons to be learned from it. Maybe the biggest of these lessons has to do with the belief in possibilities. It is the belief that something can happen that is unique and extraordinary that motivates my participation in an event or a game. This first lesson has something to do with hope. I am not talking about the kind of hope that is much more about wishful thinking and the chances of it happening being astronomical. Sure, the chances of getting a hole in one are pretty slim, but they do happen and often by people who are not very skilled at golf. I am a low handicap golfer who actually enjoys playing with higher handicap golfers because I appreciate their willingness and determination to show up and play even though they will miss-hit the majority of their shots. However, I often see them hit that one shot that has me saying out loud, “that will bring you back.” Those one or two special moments are priceless. I love watching the look of pride and relief on that person’s face when they hit that one shot or make that one putt that is beyond the norm. Deep down, these are the moments that we are all seeking in our quest to feel passionate and engaged in our lives. It is that exhilarated feeling that tells us that we are alive.

It is the possibility of exceptional, magical moments that motivates me to run experiential workshops. When I begin a program, I am conscious of an expectation I have that something extraordinary and empowering is about to happen. This sense of anticipation heightens my focus and ignites my enthusiasm. I am very present when I am in this state.

Christine and I are convinced that we are on the verge of our own hole in one, and so, we always watch closely when one or the other is teeing off on a par three. I think this adds to our enjoyment of the experience and assists us in being more present on the golf course. Having a sense of anticipation and being present is what engages us much more in our lives and makes it more enjoyable.

You do not have to do it Right, You just have to Do It

The second profound lesson for me is that you do not have to do something expertly or right to experience an extraordinary outcome. We live in a culture that places a great deal of value on doing it right. In golf, professionals tell us over and over, if you have just the right technique and you practice relentlessly until you perfect your swing, you will hit consistently exceptional golf shots. The problem is; perfection is unattainable. There are just too many variables in a golf swing and in life to do anything perfect. I love it when I see a less than perfect golf swing produce an amazing outcome. Such was the case in Clint’s hole in one. He actually hit a shot that was headed toward the trees and would require a difficult second shot just to get on to the green. But, low and behold, his shot bounced sideways out of the trees, rolled across a cart path over a knoll, across the green and into the hole. In that moment, how the ball got to the bottom of the cup was irrelevant. It did not matter that a poor shot, generated from a poor swing turned into a potentially once in a life time shot. All that mattered was that it went in. Too often we exclude ourselves from participating in an activity that we do not believe we have some proficiency in. Well, to experience magical moments you have to be willing to show up and participate at whatever level of skill and expertise you possess. Your imperfect messy participation can produce some extraordinary results. I am proud of the individuals that have participated in our IOL Golf Tourney’s. Many of them have little proficiency at the game of golf but they come anyway. I really appreciate the Scramble Format at our Tourney’s because it is inevitable that each person, regardless of skill level will make a contribution to their team. And, then there is a huge celebration that ensues. Which brings me to the final lesson…celebrate your achievements.

Celebrate your Achievements

I think it is so important to celebrate your magical moments. After Clint’s ball dropped out of sight we jumped into the air like little kids, laughed and shouted, embraced one another and shared a high five. Moments later, I took a picture of Clint pulling the ball out of the hole with a huge smile on his face and that picture quickly was shared with all his friends and family on Facebook. Regardless of the level of achievement, taking a moment to acknowledge it and celebrate it is what will make it truly memorable.

What are some of the magical moments that you have experienced recently?


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