the calling workshop terry lige


Do you hear the Call?

Do you hear the call of an inner voice to a spiritual, sacred journey?

This sacred journey will:

  • Be a quest for the truth about your sense of sacred identity and your purpose for being here…your destiny.
  • Enlighten you with new insight, understanding and clarity into the mystery of the transcendent, sacred life.
  • Bring you into a greater awareness of the conflicting spiritual realities, (Shadow and Sacred) and how to deal with the resistance of the Shadow Self.
  • Will help you to become more aware of the signs that guide you to experience your unlimited potential.

The central underlying focus of this sacred journey is on the beliefs that transform your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary self.

  • Belief in Self; Confidence in self is dependent on how deeply you believe in you.
  • Belief in a Higher Power
  • Belief in your Higher Purpose

What you believe in and how deeply you believe will determine your success in every area of your life.

Workshop Format

This unique program is not only an experience in spiritual awakening but a true experience of the power of community. We will gather at the IOL offices, watch movies, make meals together and explore the questions that surface on our quest. It is a two and a half day interactive experience. It begins 7:00pm Friday evening and runs until Sunday at approximately 5:00pm.

Important: Participants must complete Connections workshop before attending the Calling.

The registration fee for this program is $495 plus GST

Participate in our Calling Workshop:

Please call the office at 778-753-6615 for availability.