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Personality Dimensions Workshop

Join us for this fun and interactive one day workshop. During this workshop you will develop an understanding of your four temperament colors. This insight will enhance your ability to communicate with and understand individuals of all temperaments. It will help improve relationships with spouses, children, clients, co-workers and friends and build strong interpersonal relations.

Personality Dimensions is based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behavior. It will explain what motivates behavior in people with different personalities and temperaments. One the greatest stumbling blocks in communication is your inability to connect with others according to their temperament language. Everyone can identify with that occasion when you believed you were communicating with someone so clearly that there was no chance of misunderstanding and yet that person looked at you in complete confusion. This program will help you to communicate in another person’s temperament language where you will be heard and understood.

Workshop Participants will:

  • Learn about their own personality characteristics, strengths and qualities
  • Understand the people around them better
  • Improve their communication skills with clients, co-workers and friends
  • Improve their leadership skills
  • Improve their problem solving and conflict management skills
Registration Fee

$99.00 + GST

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