Terry Lige Living Proof Online


Living Proof is an opportunity to re-visit the insights and processes you experienced in the Connections workshop. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your experience so that you can find your OWN answers and relate them to your daily life.

Participants in this online program will receive a private link every week for six weeks. Each session will include a video of Terry describing the intention behind the dynamic exercises utilized in Connections, as well written content and a challenging question.

This program is a powerful opportunity to understand more clearly your experience at Connections. The experiential nature of the program does not always allow for reflection and process, so, this is a way for your head to catch up with your heart and to transform those experiences into daily application.

Program Length: 6-weeks

The registration fee is $49 + GST


Please do ignore the start date and end date “December 31” … there is a little glitch in our system 😉
Because you are participating in an online program, your start date will be as soon as your registration is processed (usually within 1-2 business days after you register online) and your program runs for 6 consecutive weeks.
Residents outside BC in provinces with HST will be charged HST instead of GST when the payment is processed.

Participate in our Living Proof Online Program:

Please call the office at 778-753-6615 for availability.