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Higher Purpose

I acknowledge that there is a higher purpose active in my service.

This leadership commitment tells me that I have something important to do in my life time that will make a difference to the world I live in and to the people that live in it. This important thing that I have to do is connected to something much larger and more meaningful than materialistic daily human existence. It connects the spiritual, sacred side of me to the infinite and divine. Some of us would refer to the infinite and divine as our higher power.

Once I acknowledge that I have such a purpose to fulfill it is up to me to discover what it is and how to accomplish it. I do not believe that I will truly feel satisfied or fulfilled until I discover my purpose and live in it.

So; the question that can be so difficult to answer is, how do I know what my purpose is?

Allow me to point you in the direction that will help you to answer that question. First of all, my understanding of purpose is built on an understanding that I have internal spiritual qualities that are foundational to whom I am in my sacred self. This constitutes my understanding of my being. As I become aware of what those qualities are I will then be faced with how to translate them into my doing. The very nature of my spiritual, sacred journey is to pursue what I perceive as my higher power and connect to my sense of higher purpose.

Sacred Qualities

We all have positive sacred qualities that give us a sense of who we are in our being.

Examples of Sacred Qualities include patience, flexibility, humility, discipline, discernment, compassion, initiative, loyalty, joy, vulnerability, love, enthusiasm, deference, attentiveness, gratefulness, generosity, sincerity, virtue, resourcefulness, discretion, tolerance and diligence.

Sacred Gifts

Sacred gifts are built on the foundation of the positive sacred qualities that we possess; however, some of these qualities develop into unique abilities and talents.

Examples of some of my Sacred Gifts include wisdom, creativity, inspiration, healing, teaching and leadership.

Sacred Values

Sacred values are what I consider as values that are most important to me. They are what I want to stand for or be known for.

Examples of some of my Sacred Values include family, connection, integrity, intimacy, adventure, authenticity, generosity, personal freedom, growth, fun and flow.

Building a Contract and Purpose Statement

One of the most powerful exercises that I utilize in Deeper Connections is about building a contract and purpose statement for each participant. In this exercise participants pull together their sacred qualities, sacred gifts and sacred values into a statement about their sense of identity (being) and their sense of purpose (doing). I’m not going to reveal to you exactly how this happens. You will have to attend to experience this amazing gift for yourself; however, here is how it comes together in my contract and purpose statement.

My contract draws from my understanding of my sacred qualities;

I am a courageous, worthy man of faith

My purpose is derived from my understanding of my sacred values and spiritual gifts;

Fighting for the freedom to be me and inspiring others to experience their true authentic selves, through my creativity, intuition and wisdom.

If you want a contract and purpose statement and a clearer insight into your higher purpose, come and join us for Deeper Connections.

If you have a contract and purpose statement I would love for you to send it along. I would love to hear it again.


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