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Inside Business

Attention heart-driven business owners!

Many of our Connectors are also business owners (and some have become business owners following their passion and purpose after coming through our programs) and as much as I want to see you be successful in life, I also want you to be successful in business!

I would like to invite you to a very unique opportunity to spend a day with four accomplished professionals who will assist you in becoming a more successful small business owner.

I have asked three business experts, Clint Best, Alexandra Krieger and Christine Mills, to team up with me for a special one-day event. Join us as you will learn about business topics such as, crafting your business plan, marketing your business, knowing your numbers and building self-confidence.

The name of this one-day program is Inside Business because we want you to mind your own business. We will take you inside your business and help you to develop the mindfulness necessary to create the success you want in life and in business.


clint best

Clint Best – Business Planning

Often small business owners, especially as they are attempting to grow, find themselves in overwhelm with all the things they could be doing. Clint will show you a super simple method of crafting your business plan onto one page so you can break it down into the steps you should be doing today to stay on track towards your bigger goals and vision.

Clint Best is a Business Coach. He has been guiding small business owners through meaningful change and growth for 17 years. His unique ability to connect with people where they are at and simplify the complicated makes him a sought after advisor in his field.

christine mills

Christine Mills – Know Your Numbers

In order to achieve financial success it’s important to know how much money you have coming in and going out. It’s also important to identify the places you can cut back to increase profit.

In her session, Christine will ask you some important questions that will point you toward financial success. Questions like;

  • Do you have a budget?
  • Do you know how to read your financial statements?
  • Do you know how to identify problems?
  • Do you want to feel comfortable with your finances?

For the past twenty seven years Christine Mills has operated as a bookkeeper for small business entrepreneurs as well as twelve years as a financial controller for larger organizations in the Health Care sector.  She brings a unique set of technical financial skills along with human interaction skills that combine to make her an effective Financial Coach. While she is effective in helping individuals make sense of the numbers and achieve financial success, she also cares about whether the individuals she works with achieve personal success and well being.

alexandra krieger

Alexandra Krieger – Authority Marketing

Owning a small business, you juggle many balls in the air – and with only 24 hours in a day, it can be difficult to focus on marketing your business.

Building your authority marketing platform is an important part your marketing strategy and in this session you will become clear on who your perfect client is and you will learn what it takes to build an authority marketing platform that will allow you to build relationships that translate into sales.

Alexandra Krieger is a successful entrepreneur and business growth guide, helping businesses grow and reach their potential. Most businesses started out as someone’s dream; Alexandra is here to help you ensure that the dream has a solid foundation beneath it. She helps her clients develop and implement online, offline and strategic solutions to gain new clients.

Her online training courses have over 3,000 students in 117 countries and her marketing course has recently been accepted into the Udemy for Business training program for teams at international companies including Apple, Mercedes, T-Mobile and PayPal.

terry lige

Terry Lige – Leadership Confidence

One of the main reasons that small business owners struggle to create success, is confidence. To create success you have to believe in yourself and the choices you make whether large or small. Self judgment, self doubt and constant second guessing is what produces reluctance, hesitation and ultimately paralysis.

Terry’s session will focus on identifying those factors what will build your self confidence. To be the one, you have to believe you are the one.

As founder, owner and head facilitator of Inside Out Leadership Development Group, Terry Lige provides personal and professional development programs for people of all cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.  He has over 35 years of experience teaching, counseling, facilitating, and assisting people in their personal and professional lives.

Program Details & Registration Fee

1-Day Program, Kelowna, BC
$149.00 + GST


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