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Ego Workshop

The Quest for Personal Value

Why do you do what you do?

Do you ever scratch your head and wonder why you have just made the choice you have made? You know that unhealthy choices lead to unhealthy outcomes and yet you still find yourself making unhealthy choices.

Here is a quick insight into your choices making process.

  • All motivation is attached to how it makes you feel.
  • All feelings are attached to your beliefs.
  • At the core of your beliefs is a question that every person must address; “Do I have value?”

This is your ego question and how you resolve it will determine your quality of life.

In simple terms “ego” is defined as “consciousness of self.” In its healthy state, consciousness of self provides you with the self awareness necessary to manage your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviours in a healthy productive manner. In its unhealthy state, consciousness of self becomes a preoccupation with self and is driven by a need to prove your value to yourself and to others.

This program will provide you with the insights necessary to resolve the ego question.

  • You will understand more clearly how your unhealthy ego manifests itself and is driven by its need for acceptance and approval.
  • You will learn how to embrace your value from the inside out, which focuses on your being, rather than from the outside in, which is attached to your doing
  • You will be introduced to your Stoop, which is that expression of your shadow self that you enjoy expressing but realize is unhealthy and at times very destructive.
  • You will investigate the “the process of letting go” of your unhealthy self consciousness so that you consistently make healthier choices in your life.

Workshop Format

The Ego Workshop is a dynamic two and a half day interactive experience. It begins 7:00pm Friday evening and runs until Sunday at approximately 4:00pm. Participants interact in large and small group exercises, transforming personal information into life changing personal breakthroughs.

Important: Participants must complete the Connections and Deeper Connections workshops before attending Ego.

The registration fee for this program is $450 plus GST

Participate in our Ego Workshop:

Please call the office at 778-753-6615 for availability.