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Game Changers

I had an experience last Thursday that reminded me that life can dramatically change at any given moment. I like to refer to these in the moment, dramatic changes as game changers. These game changers can alter to course of your life for better or for worse but what you can be assured of is that your life will not be the same.

The experience I had last week concerned the Philpot Road fire that exploded in the Joe Rich area of Kelowna. I was playing a round of golf when one of my playing partners directed my attention to a huge plume of smoke building just above Black Mountain. My first thought as I viewed this massive, quickly building smoke cloud was, ‘this is what a volcano must look like when it erupts.’ It was a frightening sight and what was really concerning was that it looked like it was just on the other side of Black Mountain and moving towards us. My next thoughts was, ‘Christine and I have just moved into our new townhouse just across the road from the golf course and there was a very real possibility that we would quickly be evacuated and potentially lose our new home.’

I’m sure that all of us have been following the wild fires in the province this summer and the many homes that have already gone up in smoke. Now that is a game changer. Almost all that you have can be lost in moments. It is hard to imagine what that is like and what it would take to bounce back and regain some sense of control of your life.

So, obviously, I am talking about a game changing event that is catastrophic and devastating. These are often the events that we focus on in the news because of our fascination with human difficulty and human misery. What about game changing events that are so positive in their impact that they profoundly change your life for the good.

I actually believe that I have game changing opportunities that drift past me constantly. I believe they are a part of a more cosmic, divine initiative in my life that draws me closer every day to my higher purpose. It is my responsibility to be conscious and vigilant concerning these opportunities because they come and they go and sometimes I am not afforded this kind of game changer again. I believe that my fears keep me from jumping at some of these opportunities as I doubt myself to show up with the right amount of courage or determination to take advantage of the opportunity. And deep down I am convinced that these opportunities will come around again. So, I hesitate, thinking maybe next time I will take the initiative to embrace the opportunity and take the chance to change my life.

I am in the midst of considering one of these opportunities that I think will be a game changer. I am talking about running a Men’s Group that will focus on men leading their lives from the heart. I have thought about doing this many times in the past and been asked if I would ever run such a program. For whatever reasons, I have hesitated and it did not happen. Well, I really am beginning to think that it is time to take a leap of faith and trust myself to put together a program that will be a game changer for men. I have already put the idea out on Face Book and presented the idea to my Leadership Boot Camp group. At Boot Camp I ran a little Focus Group to come up with ideas for this program and after about a half hour talking about what women want in a relationship one of the men said, ‘where has this information been my whole life.’ Obviously, he saw where it could have been a game changer in his relationships.

I really believe that all of the Inside Out programs represent these kinds of game changing opportunities. What you experience and learn in these workshops has the potential to change everything about your perception of self and your belief in self to live a meaningful, satisfying and impactful life.

We have a Deeper Connections program coming up next Thursday (Sept. 7-10). If you have not attended this program, I want to encourage you to consider what kind of game changer you need right now and leap at the opportunity to get in the game. You may think that there will be lots of opportunities still coming your way; however, you never know.


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