• terry lige I tell myself the truth

    I Tell Myself the Truth

    Leadership Commitment #2: I tell myself the truth and frequently ask, ‘what am I pretending not to know?’ Tell Myself the Truth Telling myself the truth is my attempt at being completely honest with me. It is really where personal healing and growth begins. However, being completely honest with me is not an easy thing (…) Read More

  • Choose Life

    In last week’s blog article I looked at a quote from the movie Braveheart where the main character William Wallace says, ‘every man dies, not every man truly lives.’ Last week I discussed the first part of the quote and focused on the reality that every man (and woman) dies. There are seasons when the (…) Read More

  • terry lige every man dies

    Every Man Dies

    As I journey through my days and weeks, there are certain themes that emerge that call for my attention that I cannot ignore. The theme that has consistently called for my attention since the beginning of this year is death. It is never an easy thing to talk about death and dying; in fact, many (…) Read More