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    The Trustworthy Leader

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    I am continuing this month to focus on the qualities that make a great leader. I began last week with looking at the issue of integrity; this week I am going to look at trust. Every great leader has the ability to build their credibility by being trustworthy. The word trust actually means confidence. When (…) Read More

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    Qualities of a Great Leader

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    Integrity I want to focus on the qualities that make a great leader. In a survey of over 54,000 employees, the quality desired more than any other is integrity. So; what is integrity and how do I build this quality as a leadership strength?

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    The Character of Leadership

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    We are all Leaders First of all I believe that we are all leaders. Whether I like it or not I am modeling behavior that is on display for everyone I interact with in my life. I feel the responsibility of modeling behavior most acutely with those who are closest to me, especially my children (…) Read More