• terry lige moving boxes

    Lessons I Have Learned from Moving

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    It has been a week now since Christine and I have been moving into our new home in Black Mountain. It has taken all of a week to accomplish that move and make a home for ourselves and our businesses. There have been many lessons learned in this move that I would like to talk (…) Read More

  • terry lige newtons cradle

    Movement that Maintains Momentum

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    At the beginning of every Connections Workshop the leadership team has to come up with a word that they will model for the weekend. The word I chose this past weekend was “movement.” The word movement is an appropriate choice for me right now as the Inside Out offices and Christine and my home residence (…) Read More

  • Terry Lige Clint Best

    Magic Moments

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    I had the joy of sharing one of those magical moments this past week that rarely happens in the game of golf. I am talking about a hole in one and no, it was not my hole in one. I have yet to experience that for myself but am still holding out hope that it (…) Read More

  • terry lige 9/11 new york

    Choosing How I Respond to Stress

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    Stress is a much talked about issue today, especially in regards to the impact it has on my emotional, mental and physical health. I am more than a little concerned when researchers tell me that stress is a main contributor in the development of all forms of emotionally related illnesses, including the dreaded cancer. So, (…) Read More